Thursday, June 2, 2011

The After Work Board Meeting

Guest post from: Mohamed Simon

After a full day of rushing to meetings and returning calls, it's hard for me to try and remember to do anything once I get home. Thankfully my dog Smudge is quick to remind me I have one more thing on my agenda, and at least his barking is better than seeing Outlook pop up again. Smudge is a mix of Labrador and Chow, and he really seems to enjoy our evening walks. He practically bolts out of the house and yelps impatiently while I lock the door and set the alarm from . We usually walk about two miles and sometime! s more if he pulls me off to a side street.

To be honest, I probably get as much enjoyment out of the walk as he does, I just don't realize I need the opportunity for some fresh air and exercise. He has a pretty full coat, so the evening works well for him for our walks since the sun doesn't beat down on him too much. I'd wear nothing but short sleeves if my office dress code allowed it, so I prefer the cool evenings as well. Walking with Smudge is a great way to let the stress of the day go, and spend some time with my buddy.

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