Friday, April 10, 2009

Eastern Red Cedar Bedroom Collection

It's a nice day! I chatted with my sister yesterday and I'm happy because she's going to buy some stuffs for me from the USA. I wish they'll be able to visit us again. Right now, they're saving money to buy their dream house. Her husband want to have a classic look in their house that's why they're using log furniture. My sister found a nice collection of these kind of furniture at Scenic Furniture. They carry different kinds of handcrafted furniture made from the best woods the nature can offer. One of my most favorites is the Eastern Red Cedar Bedroom Collection. It consists of a King size bed which has two cross rails on both head and foot board. The pieces are stunning that will give you a lot of compliments once you have this kind of collection in your house.

Time Management

They're bestfriends and partners in making a mess:-)
Why time flies so fast?I don't like it anymore:-(. Today is Holy Friday so I'm just taking things slow. I didn't watch ABS CBN. Instead I', staying with my kids all the time, then I noticed that if I don't leave them alone by themselves for a long time, they make lesser mess because I 'm able to stop whatever mess they started and have them pick them right away. When I'm so occupied in watching my ABS CBN shows, I didn't realized I leave them by themselves for over an hour already. Boy, I can't describe how much mess they made, enough to give me stress for the whole day. Now I change my routine, and I'm happy. It's only 10AM, no mess at all. The kitchen is clean, no cherrios in the living room. Right now, they're playing in their bedroom, so I just let them play there for 30 minutes and I'll check on them.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Goodies from Abroad

Me and happy family are so happy because we received the package that my sister sent us. She's in California right now with her loving family.She has gifts for all of us. She gave me t-shirts from Old Navy, shoes and vitamins. She gave us jewelries, canned foods, candies, lotions, perfumes and many more. I love the perfumes that she sent us. Most of them are from the Victoria Secret. Even though I can't used them but I'm still glad because I can give it my girlfriend. My sister promised to give me a perfume from Hugo Boss. I love the scent of it. It's not that strong.I will also ask a perfume from Calvin Klein the next time she will send us a package. I will visit, to look around for perfumes that she might wanna buy for me:-)

It's Been Awhile

It's been a long time since I updated my blog. I'm just so busy at work that I don't have much time to spend online. I'm glad that I'm back now. I hope I can keep up. I'm really sorry for not having visited my fellow blogger. I will do my best to visit you guys.

Card Shopping

As of now I have 3 major credit cards and more than 5 store credit cards. I just realized that I made a major mistake for grasping on every credit card offers I got from the mail. But now that I realized my mistake I will correct it before it will make a major damage in my credit score. My score was down with 20 points that's why from now on I will pay off my store cards. I will make a credit card comparison to find out the best credit that will suit my needs. There are helpful sites that will guide us finding the best card. For example, the They provide comparisons for all the best credit cards. It's either you want a card that has no annual fee or something that offers generous rewards, they got it all.