Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Comparative Info

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

My friend Jim was looking up positives and negatives for DIRECTV vs Dish . He found some interesting information that helped him make a decision. He said he had heard a few different people talk about both at work and school events for his kids. He asked me, but I really did not know enough to give an educated opinion on the matter. I told him it seemed like someone at a basketball game or at lunch at work would be better informed than me if they were already chatting about it. I think he was just looking for someone he trusted to give an opinion, but sometimes I think perfect strangers give the best opinions since they do not have any real biases. I guess his kids had been asking about the TV service because they were having some problems with it. After looking up DirecTV and Dish, he ended up changing to DirectTV. He said it seemed like more bang for the buck. Now, he keeps telling me I should switch, too. Maybe I will, but I have to consult with the Misses first!

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