Friday, April 10, 2009

Time Management

They're bestfriends and partners in making a mess:-)
Why time flies so fast?I don't like it anymore:-(. Today is Holy Friday so I'm just taking things slow. I didn't watch ABS CBN. Instead I', staying with my kids all the time, then I noticed that if I don't leave them alone by themselves for a long time, they make lesser mess because I 'm able to stop whatever mess they started and have them pick them right away. When I'm so occupied in watching my ABS CBN shows, I didn't realized I leave them by themselves for over an hour already. Boy, I can't describe how much mess they made, enough to give me stress for the whole day. Now I change my routine, and I'm happy. It's only 10AM, no mess at all. The kitchen is clean, no cherrios in the living room. Right now, they're playing in their bedroom, so I just let them play there for 30 minutes and I'll check on them.

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