Thursday, January 12, 2012


It was last year when my cousin bought a Home theater set as a birthday gift for my aunt. I really like it since I am fond of playing loud music especially when I am alone at home or I am doing something. I also love to sing even though my voice is not so good. It just stopped when the flood hit our place because during that time I just pulled off everything that is being connected so that our home theater to be saved. After that incident, we started to put things in place. As try to used our home theater I found out the audio and video cables that connects the Television to the DVD player as well as the wires that connects to the speaker were destroyed. It was all cut in between. So, I decided to look for an audio and video cables on the net that is long lasting and high quality  audio and video cables
Video  cables are cables which used for transmitting video a signal from one source to other. There are also reasons in using different cables just like Improving contrast ratio , Running cables longer, Getting less video distortion, Creating improved colors. Meanwhile the audio cables used to send  audio Cd sound to the sound card. Audio speaker cable conducts audio signals from the amplifier output to the speaker input. Speaker cable uses non-braided wire made from conductive metals such as copper or aluminum. 

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Ed Hanes said...

Be careful with audio cables like that as it can be found as a safety hazard to home security .