Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Signed Up For PayPerPost

When I log in in PayPerPost this morning, what a lovely news. My blog was approved by Payperpost. I learned about this cool site from my sister who never get tired of encouraging me. I'm so lucky of her persistence. I love to blog, it's my diversion from the daily stress cause by traffic, work and sometimes people :-). Through blogging I gain friends who share the same interest like me and who can comprehend what I really meant to say. Then I learned that you can actually earn from your blog. It's amazing.

PayPerPost will compensate me through my blog reviews. How cool is that! Especially that I love sharing my opinions about the products I love so it won't be difficult for me.This is like a blessing especially now that our economy is in crises, the prices of the commodities goes high and I already have a hard time budgeting my salary. The money that I will earn here can supplement my income. I really thank PPP.

It's not really difficult to sign up in PPP. Just make a blog of good content, focus on gaining friends and how your post could enlightened other people. If you have at least ten posts and your blog is at least a month old then you're set. Welcome to the world of paid blogging through PPP. Thank you again PPP, you're indeed a blessing.

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