Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Life now is very hard especially that prices of our basic need is increasing. One good example of this is the price of rice here in the Philippines, from 27 pesos per kilo it goes up to 35 pesos per kilo in just less than a week. Can you imagine that???Our government is assuring us that there will enough supply of rice for everybody and we should not practice the panic buying but then, how could we not if it can be clearlly seen by our naked eye the scarcity or rice.How can we eat now since our salary did not inrease while the basic commodities increases continously. Just this evening,while I am eating my dinner in a carenderia.I noticed that the staff of the said carendaria loss weight than before. Street children are eating the leftover in the carenderia and most of the food chains now are serving half rice. See,i haven't imagined that life is so complicated now than before. Well,I guess its time for us to realize that nothing is permanent in this world and we must all be ready whatever will be the changes in the future

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