Thursday, April 3, 2008

Whitening UnderArm Stains

I subscribed to Lucky Magazine because I want to be updated with latest fashion. I come acroos with this cool article about whitening underarm stains. This will help my brother who perspires a lot because of the warm climate in the Philippines.

This is according to Karen Reinitz and Abigale Levinson, designers behind the cool line AKA New York.

So here how it works:

You only need one tablet of Aspirin and washing machine.

1. Put your discolored tees in the washing machine and let the water start streaming in ( temperature doesn't matter), add detergent as usual.

2. Drop in the Aspirin when the basin is filled with water.

3. Close the door and let the cycle finish.

4. White tees really do come out looking whiter than ever.

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